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Alternative Business Funding: Hired by Alternative Business Funding to assist with their growth plans. Alternative Business Funding is a comparison site for business loans.

Publisher Arts: Commenced work on a Business Development project. Publisher Arts owns a suite of cloud-based digital video tools which online publishers can use to capture, store, manage, share and acquire video content.

JULY 2019

Please see here our July 2019 News Update.

JUNE 2019

Money&Co: Hired by Money&Co to handle their capital raise. Money&Co is a P2P business lender led by Nicola Horlick. 

MAY 2019

Stagedoor: Hired by Stagedoor to handle their capital raise. Stagedoor is a digital and comprehensive digital theatre guide and is “the digital home of theatre”.

APRIL 2019

Lancor Scientific: Hired by Lancor Scientific to handle their capital raise. Led by an experienced management team, Lancor Scientfic is an AI powered cancer screening start-up which uses blockchain technology. 

Oriel: Commenced work on a Corporate Development project.

MARCH 2019

Please see here our March 2019 News Update.

Investment Offers: Secured over £70m of investment offers in Q1 2019, with two term sheets totalling over £7m of investment signed during that same period.


Hopster: Hired by Hopster to assist with their growth plans. Hopster is an award winning, ad-free, kids TV and entertainment app.



TV Format Deal: We sourced, negotiated and closed a TV format deal with Fizz which is part of Banijay Group, the leading global production and distribution company; please see here for more information.


Media Leaders Summit 2018: Steve Lazarus chaired two panel sessions at the Media Leaders Summit 2018, one of the leading trade events in the Media/Tech/M&A sector. 


Lazarus Consulting Wins Award: Lazarus Consulting named “Most Dynamic in Corporate Development Services” by Global Business Insight Awards 2018; please see here for more information.

Oriel: Hired by Oriel, a tech startup, to assist with their growth plans.

Please see here for our October 2018 News Update.


We sourced and closed a commercial partnership between TMT Finance and Dow Jones’ The Wall Street Journal; see here.


Together Group announce their launch plans; SmartFrame announce completion of their funding round.

JULY 2018

Together Group: Hired by Together Group to assist with their capital raise.

JUNE 2018

Hired by a leading Out-Of-Home advertising business to provide Business Development services. 

MAY 2018

TMT Finance: Hired by TMT Finance to assist with their domestic and international growth plans; please see here for more information.

Please see here for our May 2018 News Update.

MARCH 2018

Hopster: Hired by Hopster to assist with their growth plans. Hopster is an award winning, ad-free, kids TV and entertainment app.


Money&Co: We closed a £1m investment into Money&Co from a UK strategic investor and we have been retained to handle their follow-on capital raise; please see here for more information.



Media Leaders Summit 2017: Steve Lazarus chaired a Media Financing session at the Media Leaders Summit 2017, the leading event in the TMT Finance space. Key trends and opportunities in media company financing were explored with an experienced set of panelists.


Harkable: Launch of the sales process for this creative social media agency.


Please see here for our October 2017 News Update.


Infinity Creative Media: We closed a strategic investment into Infinity Creative Media by a private UK investor. 


Dunrobin Highland Distillery: Launch of the capital raise extensively covered by both national & trade press (including The Times & The Scotsman); please see here for more information.

JULY 2017

Zymplify: Zymplify secures £1m in investment; please see here for more information.

JUNE 2017

Please see here for our June 2017 News Update.

Family Traveller: Hired to work with Family Traveller on the capital raise supporting their international expansion plans. Launched in the UK in 2013 and now live in Germany and the US, Family Traveller is a digital-first media business with a unique focus on the large and growing family travel market. For more information please see this blog.

APRIL 2017

Money&Co: Hired by Money&Co to handle their capital raise. Money&Co, launched by Nicola Horlick in 2013, is a crowdfunding business lender that has financed 38 loans with a value of £10 million. Nicola has successfully built a number of UK fund management businesses and, more recently, was one of the co-founders of an extremely profitable private equity firm. For more information please see this blog.

Dunrobin Highland Distillery: Hired by the founders of this whisky and gin distillery business to handle their capital raise. The business is located in the historic grounds of Scotland’s Dunrobin Castle. For more information please see this blog.

MARCH 2017

TVR: Hired by this iconic British sports car brand to assist with their growth plans.


Please see here for our February 2017 News Update.

SmartFrame: Hired to assist with the roll-out of the SmartFrame technology, which has been created by Pixelrights, a leading digital platform for photographers. SmartFrame is a patent-pending interactive, secure and trackable online image technology which helps image users to capture data and improve monetisation and engagement. For more information please see this blog.


CHF Media Group: We have been hired by CHF Media Group to handle their capital raise. Cosgrove Hall Films made the original Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and The Wind in the Willows and earned a number of BAFTA’s and Emmy’s; the reformed CHF Media Group now produces the acclaimed Pip Ahoy! animation series plus other shows in production.

SMTA Limited: The creators of the hit gameshow format “Sell Me The Answer” have hired us to help them exploit two new gameshow formats that they have created. 



ABAKA: ABAKA have launched a digital personal financial advisor powered by Artificial Intelligence and we have been hired to help with their growth plans, which includes a Business Development brief and a Capital Raising brief.

Appointed Representative: Entered into a formal Appointed Representative agreement with Bluehone Investors LLP, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Please see here for our November 2016 News Update.

T-Shirt Booth: Appointed by T-Shirt Booth to handle their fundraise. T-Shirt Booth are an e-commerce business with a strong charity angle, backed by the well established Louis Kennedy business who have to date raised over £200m for charities. For more information please see this blog.


Zymplify: Zymplify (previously known as digiShare360) is a multichannel engagement marketing platform offering a SaaS and Managed Service with an impressive client list that includes SMEs and some bigger names such as LG and Harley Davidson. They are a disruptive MarketingTech business saving time and hassle by aggregating all marketing needs in one place – their SaaS service is priced to disrupt the other players in the high growth Marketing Automation sector. For more information please see this blog.


Infinity Creative Media: Hired by Infinity Creative Media to assist them with funding for their latest TV series called The Art ShowThe Art Show is filmed in over 20 locations across the globe with world-class artists, collectors and industry insiders, celebrating art in all its different forms. The 8 x 1 hour high definition magazine series was broadcast on Sky Arts in 2017. For more information please see this blog.

Bluehone Investors LLP: Entered into a co-operation agreement with Bluehone Investors LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

JULY 2016

Sell Me The Answer: We announced the re-launch of the Sell Me The Answer television format in the UK, the renewal of the international format distribution deal with DRG and the continued success of the format overseas. For more information please see this blog.

APRIL 2016

Chored: Appointed by Chored to assist with their growth plans. Chored is a PropertyTech business focused on the house-sharing sector.

MARCH 2016

Rational Group:  Retained by Rational Group, a leading B2B and B2C international money transfer business, to strike impactful and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Rational Group own two brands, RationalFX and Xendpay. For more information please see this blog.


Sound Diplomacy: Hired by Sound Diplomacy, a leading international music export and conference development agency and a Canadian government office, to help a select number of Canadian companies in the mobile sector to network in Europe (including attendance at the MWC in Barcelona this month).

European Business Press Association: We were very honoured to have been asked by the European Business Press Association to deliver a keynote speech on the challenges facing their industry, especially from mobile and social media, and the ways in which to address these to safeguard the industry’s future. The event was held at The Wall Street Journal Dow Jones European HQ.

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